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Get NZ back in the clean energy race. This petition is to upgrade NZ’s renewable energy goal to 100%

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Liesel Rowe
Get NZ back in the clean energy race. This petition is to upgrade NZ’s renewable energy goal to 100%

This petition will be sent to Parliament as a call to action to upgrade our national renewable energy goal to 100%, so we can rejoin the green energy race and build a stronger economic and sustainable future for our nation.

Figures released this month in the Ministry for the Environment's greenhouse gas inventory show that despite what many Kiwis believe, New Zealand is not 100 percent pure, clean and green. While countries around the world have announced their goal of 100 percent renewable energy, New Zealand is only striving for 90 percent by 2025 with the energy sector.

With 50% of our jobs being linked to our clean green image, our addiction to fossil fuels threatens to put Kiwi jobs and communities at risk, rapidly eroding our export earnings and economy and seriously damaging our environment.

We need our government and local councils to unite and adopt a national goal of 100 percent renewable, before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December this year.

Why is this important?

New Zealand's net emissions of greenhouse gases climbed 42 percent between 1990 and 2013, driven by a rise of almost a third from the energy sector. While the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, globally many nations and more than 50 cities including Sydney, Vancouver, San Francisco and San Diego have announced they are aiming for 100 percent renewable energy by 2020, others by 2035.

New Zealand is supposed to be one of the cleanest, greenest nations in the world and to make this a reality we need to move away from our dependance on fossil fuels as an energy source. As a country, we need to tell the government that 90 percent isn’t good enough. Kiwis pride themselves on giving 100 percent, so why should our approach to the impact of climate change on our country be any different?

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition to Parliament by post.


Reasons for signing

  • to make our govt wake up....
  • More hydro (we have lots of water), more wind (we have lots of wind), a bit more geothermal and some decentralised solar. Come on, it's easy!
  • We need to act now to create renewable energy systems before we dont have the resources to build them


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2015-06-25 10:00:38 +1200

Green Peace NZ are taking action this morning, putting solar panels on the roof of Parliament to get the Govt to wake up and start taking some real climate action. Let's show them some support, here’s to a clean green future for NZ #realclimateaction

2015-05-06 14:29:28 +1200

Thanks for supporting this petition. The most important global race is on and New Zealand isn't in it. Can we still enter? Watch this:

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