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To: Hon Damien O'Connor Minister of Food Safety and Agriculture. and Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Food Security for New Zealand

Food Security for New Zealand

We request that a ‘Think Tank’ is started immediately to investigate New Zealand’s food security. This is not just about food security for the poor; it is disaster planning, (although the poor are the most vulnerable). How resilient are we?
With our reliance on imports, and the exporting of our best produce overseas, we query that we could survive and thrive if a major disaster struck.
We would like the government to plan ahead and avert suffering, and the breakdown of law and order if shortages cause prices to rise dramatically or food supplies fail.

Why is this important?

It is our right to be able to have access to affordable food and clean water.
Things that could threaten this now are -
economic collapse on the world stage
climate change
and longer term -
loss of biodiversity through insect collapse
our reliance on imported food and fuel
overfishing and polluting the oceans
chemical and industrial sprays
monocultures in farming
meteors or solar flares
Three months of basic food and fuel must be stored in this country at all times,
Planning for food shortage must be addressed urgently since to resolve this will take time. Look first at our dependence on Australia for wheat.
We need cash security – what happens when the ATMs stop working?
It will be up to the Think Tank to come up with solutions at a government level.
This article explains how climate issues can affect our food, and how we already have significant problems as identified by Horticulture NZ.

FYI Some Solutions:

The government, Civil Defence, and the army need to put plans in place now, not in ten years time, to ensure that we in New Zealand do not suffer greatly when the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan.

Food production must become local and varied. Reliance on imported food must reduce.

We must halt the use of pesticides and chemicals in farming. There need not be insect collapse, that scientists are warning us about, if the worst pesticides and herbicides are banned. A move to permaculture and organics is possible over the next few years.

We must clean up the environment in all areas, not just farming and forests, but in gardens, city beaches and harbours, and run offs from industry. Our water must be clean and unpolluted.

Schools, maraes, churches, mosques, and other communities can create community gardens. Even sports clubs usually have a little land that can be used to grow fruit trees or gardens. High rise buildings can have gardens on the top to feed those living below.

Each suburb in towns could have a ‘high rise’ type of building, (vertical farming), that grows and distributes vegetables. We can introduce high-rise urban farming too. Local governments can organise these with some government funding.

Supermarket chains – head offices – can have government funded store houses for basic foods that are regularly circulated and replenished. Water too needs to be stored. Planning for food coupons?

Farmers can hand over a few accessible hectares for locals to farm on – whether using it for chicken houses or vegetables.

Methods of transport need to be ensured that don’t use oil / fossil fuels for if the economy collapses there will be little or no petrol and food will not be able to be transported. Planning for carless days as in the 70s?
Everyone needs to work together to make this country more sustainable in food, water and other services. We in New Zealand have a chance to survive in relative comfort, but only if we begin preparing now including government. Imagine a category 4 or 5 cyclone hitting Auckland and the ensuing devastation. Are we really prepared for power cuts for weeks?

We must consider our youth and create a good future for them and their progeny. After all we inherited the earth, and we have wrecked it for our grandchildren.

New Zealand is one place that could survive if the proper steps are put in place

Reasons for signing

  • A think tank is the least we can do for food security and disaster planning.
  • important for our future
  • I signed because we need to start thinking systemically and see the movement toward health as a nation as a total step toward sustainable living.


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